NBPC Announces Lawsuit to be Filed for Pay Violations

Local 2509 Members,

A letter has been mailed to the last known address for all members concerning a lawsuit related to pay violations. If you did not receive the letter, then that means you have not updated your mailing address with AFGE, which you can do by going to the AFGE website or Local 2509 members can contact us here and we will assist you.

The law firm of Woodley & McGillivary has extensive experience and success in recovering pay for federal workers, including cases on behalf of Border Patrol agents to recover FLSA pay, hazardous duty pay, and AUO. The NBPC is confident that Woodley & McGillivary will successfully recover any monies related to this matter.

The National Border Patrol Council supports this lawsuit because we believe that the Agency has committed extensive violations of the law that have led to a widespread loss of pay for agents.

We expect to be able to provide more information in the near future, but we want members to understand that whether you know or realize it you have been harmed.  For further information please see you station Chief Steward and Representatives or contact us here.

NBPC Lawsuit Letter